Popovaca attack by SAAF 16 sqdn 1945

 Attack on rail yard at POPOVACA

3 Feb 1945 by 16 sqdn

5 Feb 1945 by 16 sqdn

9 Feb 1945 by 16 sqdn

Thank you Emir for ID of this:

Tinus hi

I think I managed to identify location of plane attacking from this link(https://saafww2pilots3.yolasite.com/kutina-attack-by-saaf-16-sqdn-1945.php)

After this chapter 

5.Feb 1945 railyard at kutina......this is not Kutina but another location unidentified

There are several photo named Kutina but it is about Popovača

In attm you can find some my opservations written on your photos,

Also,here  on your site (https://saafww2pilots3.yolasite.com/16-squadron-strike-photographs-1945.php)

There is a  photo of real popovača railway station so you can compare it(in attm  45 2 9 a)

It could be interesting if you have real photo rail way station of Novska  because  one part of railway lead to Jasenovac (concentration camp during ww2) so might possible see that area



3 Feb 1945 attack by 19 sqdn on rail yard at POPOVACA (not NOVSKA as indicated on the photo)


5 Feb 1945 attack by 16  sqdn: Rail yard at POPOVACA (The 16sqdn photographs below indicates KUTINA. This is not KUTINA but actually POPOVACA)

Not Kutina but Popovaca

not Kutina but Popovaca

Images and analysis supplied by Emir:

Attack on 9 Feb by 16 sqdn

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