Snowy Moodie log book

Flying Log Book:  

Col. Derrick Dunbar "Snowy" Moodie, DSO, DFC

Operational service: 

4 Sqn. North Africa 1941-1942

1 Sqn. North Africa, Sicily 1943

SAAF 8 wing, Italy, 1944-1945

SAAF 7 wing, Italy, 1945

Credit for this copy: Thanks to Sally Palmer, 2018

East Africa, training

North Africa, seconded to 1 Squadron to obtain combat experience flying Tomahawks

North Africa, Back to 4 Squadron, training with Tomahawks

North Africa, 4 sqdn, operations

31 May: Stuka destroyed!

End of first tour: fantastic assessment by wing commander Beresford

OC of 1 sqdn, North Africa flying Spitfires mk v

MALTA 1943

Sicily 1943

End of tour signed by wingco Brian Kingcomb, battle of Britain vet

SAAF 8 wing Italy

SAAF 7 Wing, Italy

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